Girls Who Rule 

The last couple of days have been very busy. I carried on with my animation with Abigail and then took a bike ride to London early Monday morning. At first I thought I would die – I was so tired – but then actually really got into it and enjoyed it. I had Calvin Harris playing in my Bluetooth earbuds along the sat nav directions all the way down to the capital. You can’t really go there without directions if you don’t know your way around. In London the traffic was so dense that there was no other way than riding a bike like a twat – using all the gaps between cars, between lanes and taking full advantage of the manoeuvres dickheads in cars can’t take. It took me 5h to get there and I was 1h late for work on my first day in a new location. That’s an approach of a boss! High work ethics – that’s it!

I was under an impression someone would be there for me over the first couple of days to show me around and explain things to me in a great detail – but that was a delusion. I had one day to set up a sale and from the moment the red labels appeared on the items and the product got marked down – craziness started. One thing I can tell you for sure is that people absolutely love sales and it’s hectic for a manager to recover a shop floor after a storm of customers has gone by. But the figures are great, the shop is selling stuff, everyone’s buying so I guess that really says it all.

I have used my uniform allowance to get well… a uniform. But somehow I assumed that the weather would be crap as it’s England. Surprisingly the weather is amazing! I really don’t feel like complaining about it but I really didn’t include it in my life plan for the current weeks. I am dying in my uniform – in my thick jeans and a leather jacket! And my bike boots! It’s so hot! But everyone understands why I’ve chosen those items, say they would have done exactly the same thing in my position and I have got their full mental support. I guess you have to be really practical making uniform decisions and the next time I’ll be really strict with my choices.

In my free time I continue with the Girls Who Rule picture saga I started last year. It’s a series of illustrations of different girls of different skin colours, hair cuts and styles basically looking cool and confident and being placed in a middle of some fine background. The idea was to do 60 of those illustrations and make a small book with them or a series of postcards. But I feel like I got around 60 already and still haven’t quite explored this subject. Like I need more variety because I quite enjoy creating those different personalities.

You can see all of my girls on my Instagram page:


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  1. These pictures are AWESOME! Such a great idea 😊😊⭐️


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