The Adventures of a Guy with a Magical Trumpet

“Samorost” is an iPhone game with an unusual story. The main character is a guy who one day finds a magical trumpet on his lawn. When he puts it by his ear – he hears plants’ and animals’ voices. When he plays the trumpet – he communicates with the outside world through music.

He needs to figure out his way through a mysterious landscape of planets which all resemble some sort of unusual vegetables. The planets’ flora and fauna tells him what needs to be done. When he manages to accomplish a task – there is a moment of celebration: everything lights up, animals start singing and he himself starts dancing because he is so happy he got it right.

The project has got Amanita Design trademark on it and is a part of a family of very well received games: Machinarium and Botanicula. The graphics are detailed and beautifully crafted. It’s an amazing world of magic you will be delighted to discover and become a part of.


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