Samorost – Quirky Indie Game for an iPhone

Samorost game for an iPhone i an unusual story of a fellow who one day finds a magical trumpet on his lawn. The trumpet has fallen from the sky and it’s has got some amazing qualities: it not only gives him an ability to hear secret stories of plants and animals but also allows him to communicate with them through music.

The fellow needs to figure out his way through mysterious planets that all look like some sort of weird vegetables, build stuff and solve puzzles. The plants and animals explain to him what needs to be done and he can hear them through his trumpet when he puts it by his ear. When he manages to accomplish a task – something amazing usually happens: everything lights up, crocodile and a frog start singing or he himself starts dancing because he is so happy he got it right. He is a very positive fellow on the whole.

The game has been designed by Amanita Design. They made a game for a PC called Machinarium a few years ago.


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